Shree Dudhganga Vedganga Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd.


Co Generation Plant Details

Cogeneration is a simultaneous generation of electrical and thermal energy. Conventional power plants utilize the high-end potential energy of a combustion process to generate power only. It is one of the main renewable energy technology, as it uses non-conventional or renewable energy sources which are in-exhaustible & without release of harmful pollutants. A good part of the low-end residual energy is wasted by rejection into the condenser or atmosphere. On the other hand, a Cogen process, in addition to putting the high-end potential energy to use for power generation, utilizes the low- end residual energy for heating some processes. This is termed as topping cycle, wherein the efficiency of energy utilization is enhanced from 35 % in the conventional power generating system tom70-90% in cogeneration system.


M/s Shri Dudhganga Vedganga Sahakari Karkhana Ltd , (SDVSSKL) is one of the pioneering co-operative sugar factory of Maharashtra , registered in the year 1956 under the Bombay Co-operative Societies Act,1925 . The karkhana has the original license from Ministry of Industrial Development dated 10th December 1969 . Shri Dudhganga Vedganga Sahakari Karkhana Ltd , Mouninagar is a Co-operative Sugar Factory,located 35 kilometers away from Kolhapur which is also the nearest railway station . Our karkhana received a sanction for crushing 1000 - 1250 TCD cane in the year . Karkhana started its crushing from the year 1963 . Due to increase in cane production in the area , the karkhana’s increased its crushing rate 1750 TCD in the year 1972 . Now karkhana having crushing capacity license obtained 4500 TCD .

20 MW Bagasse based Co - Generation project :

The Cogen project will be designed to produce surplus power after meeting the entire requirements of steam and power of the karkhana , both during season and off season periods , as well as steam & power requirements for its auxiliaries and colony . The existing steam and power generating equipment at the karkhana will be kept idle for the first season of cogeneration and will be suitably disposed . The surplus power will be exported through MSEB grid for sale , as per the MERC tariff order . The Cogen project will be generate a gross output of 19700 KW during crushing season and 19500 KW during the off season . All the internal high pressure(HP)/Medium pressure(MP)/Low pressure(LP) steam and power requirements for sugar process , colony , cogeneration power plant auxiliaries etc . Will be met . After meeting these requirements , the cogen project will export 12500 KW during season and 17350 KW during off season . The power supplied at 11 KV will be stepped down to 415 V AC or 220 V DC ( as required for internal consumption of the sugar complex and cogeneration plant auxiliaries), as well as stepped up to 132 KV for connecting and paralleling with MSEB grid .

Steam Generating Plant :

High pressure, High temperature, High performance, multifuel i.e. bagasse, biomass, etc., traveling grate, DCS operated with all accessories i.e.fuel, ash, water etc.system.

Parameters :

Steam Generator (Boiler) :

Type - Traveling grate Boiler
Capacity - 120 tonne per hour.
Working pressure - 87 kg / cm2
Temperature - 515 50c

Steam Turbine Generator (Turbine) :

Make - M/s Siemens Ltd, Vadodara (Gujarat)
Type - Double extraction com condensing mode.
Capacity - 20MW
Working Pressure - 85 kg / cm2
Temperature - 5100c
First Extraction - 8 Kg/cm2 (Uncontrolled)
Second Extraction - 2.5 Kg/cm2 (controlled)

Alternator :

Make- M/s Toyo Donki Power System Japan. 11 KV, 50 Hz, 0.8 P.F., 1500 RPM

Cooling Tower

Make- M/s Paharpur Ltd (OCB Engineers)
Type – Induced draft counter flow.
Capacity - 6000m3(2000m3/cell)
No of cell – 03 Nos.
Type of construction – RCC

Fuel and Ash handling system

The bagasse handling system shall start from the outlet of the last mill of the milling tandem . There will be a separate storage yard for bagasse , for feeding the cogen project boiler , with reclaiming conveyors . The ash handling system will be of submerged belt conveyors for the grate bottom and fly ash . Ash will be taken and stored in bins and disposed off in trucks , to be used as landfill or to be used as nutrients in the sugarcane fields .

Make - M/s Saikrupa Industries Ltd , Pune

Water Treatment Plant :

Make - M/s Thermax Ltd (M/s Vedant Equip Sales, Pune)
Type of plant - DM-PF-ACF-SAC-SBA-MBU-UF
Capacity - 30 m3/day.
OBR Capacity - 600 m3
Quantity - 1 Nos.

Electrical Evacuation / Distribution System :

In this connection electrical alternator and designing distribution system evacuation at 132 KV voltage level is taken in to consideration . Voltage and frequency are found very stable at this transmitting level . So down time of export is reduced but the generation is restricted to 11 KV for convenience of in house load distribution . This system is includes :

A Incomer
B In house & export couplers
C In house & export feeders
D 11 KV/132 KV step up export transformer & switch yard.
E 11 KV /690/440 Volt step down transformer for in house equip.

Distributed Control System(DCS) :

The instrumentation and control system will be based on Distributed Control System (DCS) philosophy . It will be designed to provided monitoring and control capabilities to ensure safe and reliable operation , minimize operator manual actions and alert operators as to any conditions or situations requiring manual intervention in a timely manner . The control functions shall be back up by interlocks and safety systems which cause pre-planned actions in case where unsafe conditions develop faster than controls or the operator can be expected respond . All I&C equipment will be of proven design and will be selected to achieve highest level of plant availability and facilitate equipment maintenance .

Energy Purchase Agreement (EPA) :

20 MW Cogen project will be generate a gross output of 19700 KW during crushing season and 19500 KW during the off season . The surplus power will be exported to grid in season 12500 KW during season and 17350 KW during off season . EPA will be done with M/s TATA POWER TRADING CO.LTD, Mumbai . As per GoM policies .

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) :

The clean development mechanism as it relates to industrialized countries and their their nation’s companies are able to earn “ Emission Reduction Credits”, while developing countries acquire technology and capital and earn Emission Reduction Credits that can either be banked or sold. Additionally the clean development mechanism grants Emission Reduction Credits for investments in new , emissions-reduction projects that are located in developing countries . In this our Cogeneration project from renewable energy sources to achieve CER credit through this CDM registration . M/s Emergent Ventures India Ltd. will be adviser for project earning carbon credit under the Kyoto protocols clean development mechanism .